On the coldest day of 2017, Brianna and Luciano got married in a stunning candle light ceremony with the fountain frozen solid two feet behind the alter. It was that cold! Both Brianna and Luciano wanted to have an intimate first look with each other and even though it was freezing and windy they braved […]

Nicole and Roberto’s wedding style was timeless and classic right down to the candle lite ceremony, I mean IPhone flashlight ceremony :). It was so dark that the best man had to shine his IPhone flashlight so that they could read their vows. It made for a beautiful glowing light that surrounded them. Giorgio’s, as […]

It’s hard to believe that Erin and Sean new each other for 12 years because they still look at each other like they have butterflies every time their eyes meet. Erin and Sean had an early morning wedding with a jam packed day including a beautiful Sword Ceremony leaving the church, a bagpiper followed by […]

There are some days that work is just work and then there are other days when work is a party, Tracey and Andrew’s wedding was definitely a party! From the moment I met these two they had me laughing and I couldn’t wait for their wedding day and they didn’t disappoint. Tracey and Andrew are […]

Kathleen + Killian – perfect in every way! They are both incredibly sweet and care so deeply for one another. It was an absolute please to spend the day capturing them with their friends and family at the beautiful Hamlet in Commack. Did we not mention the most amazing wedding coordinator, Leanne Ross and how […]

My favorite part of Kelly + Sean’s wedding was when Clover, their 9 month old Basset Hound had her very own First Look with her mommy and daddy! Oh and when Kelly + Sean privately read their vows to each other before the ceremony to get all the tears out, lol. Kelly + Sean are […]

July weather in September! It was hot, like unseasonably hot. Colleen and Earl came all the way from Texas to get married in New York with Texas heat but they were troopers and smiled the entire day through! Colleen and Earl are seriously two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meet, […]

Sandi Rufo Photography has been working on launching a new market that specializes in EMPOWERING WOMEN with Beauty Portraits of real women, just like you. We take pride in making women of all ages, shapes, and sizes look and feel gorgeous through beautiful, heirloom portraits. Do you avoid the camera because you feel you are […]

  If I could pick the perfect couple it would be Marieke and Tim. Marieke is a school teacher and has a heart of gold, Tim is a Landscaper, loves grass and Marieke! She loves to laugh and Tim loves to be silly, they truly are perfect together. They knew each other as friends for […]

From the moment I met Melissa + Mike I just fell in love with them. They are so sweet to one another and make each other laugh a lot. Both Melissa + Mike had their own dogs, Buddy a chihuahua and Sam a Golden Retriever, who participated in their engagement session. Sadly little Buddy went […]

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