November 16, 2017

Brianna + Luciano | Wedding – de Seversky Mansion, Glen Head

On the coldest day of 2017, Brianna and Luciano got married in a stunning candle light ceremony with the fountain frozen solid two feet behind the alter. It was that cold! Both Brianna and Luciano wanted to have an intimate first look with each other and even though it was freezing and windy they braved the weather for a few moments to capture the beautiful scene as it unfolded in front of the picturesque Gatsby like mansion. It would be the first time that day that we say tears, but definitely not the last. Brianna wore a gorgeous Hailey Paige wedding dress, one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, which suited her perfectly and Ciano just lost it when he saw his bride.

As I write this I’m beaming from ear to ear at how sweet and romantic Ciano was with his bride. He hardly took his eyes off her all day. Which made a little difficult to take photos but I never once needed to ask them to get close, look at each other or kiss because they were already doing that 🙂

Brianna and Ciano are absolutely perfect in every way and I have no doubt they have a love that will last a lifetime!

In Brianna’s words:

How did you meet?

We met through my sister and her husband. My brother in law is Luciano’s first cousin.


What was your first date like?
Ciano took me to a haunted house because I am a scardy cat and he knew I would be clinging to him, and I did! Then we went to Bertucci’s and split a pizza. He brough me home, walked me to my door and then called 5 minutes later to say goodnight.

How did you get engaged?

Ciano took me back to a nature preserve we had walked at the beginning of our relationship. He told me that he wanted to carve something in a tree. It was February and freezing! He picked a fight with me on the way to throw me off track. He took me to the tree where he had carved “Here our love grows” into the tree. I started screaming “I knew it!” and he got on one knee.

What makes your love unique?
We just fit. I can’t remember a time when we weren’t together and I can’t imagine ever not being together.

Advice for new couples?
Always make sure to set aside time for each other to just do something fun.

Here’s some of the vendors that made their wedding so special:

Cake – Sweet Lucille 631-617-2780

Florist- Petals

DJ – After Hours Music Phil 631-736-2921

Make up Artist- Matthew Makeup Studio 631-406-7027

Brides Dress – Hailey Paige


View full size photos here:


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