October 19, 2017

Tracey + Andrew | Wedding- East Wind Estate

There are some days that work is just work and then there are other days when work is a party, Tracey and Andrew’s wedding was definitely a party!

From the moment I met these two they had me laughing and I couldn’t wait for their wedding day and they didn’t disappoint. Tracey and Andrew are absolutely hilarious! They are constantly entertaining whomever their audience is, even the camera! When we first started shooting I had to point out that I would need to have an “outtakes” folder for all their antics and funny faces but quickly realized that it would be more than 2/3rds of all their photos. It’s just who they are. They both love to laugh and to see other people laughing.

BTW- when I texted Tracey the morning of her wedding she wrote back “Is that today?” I almost had a heart attack thinking that I had the wrong date!

Not only were Tracey and Andrew entertaining but their friends and family are all as well. The entire day was filled with fabulous, friendly and fun people. Shout out to my girl Kimberly for all your help!

In Tracey + Andrew’s words:

How did you meet?

We went to the same college. Andrew and I both went to SUNY Buffalo, he friended me on
Facebook and messaged me. I didn’t remember if I met him drunk at a party or something.
He told me we hadn’t met but he thought was beauitful and wanted to take me out. I
declined the invite. A year later, while online dating app swiping, he came up and I thought
he seemed like a really genuine guy so why not, we matched and the rest is history.

What was your first date like?
Thanksgiving Eve 2015, at my bar I was on call to work at and then didn’t have to. He came
uptown and met me after pushing to. I didn’t want him to met me there but I am so happy he
did. We call that our “consultation”. We talked all night and day on thankgiving. Our real first
date was out to a paella place and then bowling the next evening on Black Friday.

How did you get engaged?

Doing an Escape the Room. Theme was a puppet theater. Andrew changed the last clue to
a box with a poem in it that I was focused to read. I hate cold reading but did it. All of a
sudden, I saw my friends filming me and my parents and in-laws peeping up behind a wall and
I knew. I freaked, in a good way. We he asked me on one knee, I was covering my mouth in
shock and said of course. We escaped the room and all of our closest friends were there to
cheer us on. Biggest surprise of my life.

What makes your love unique?
How perfectly imperfect we are together and as individuals. We both are so thankful to have
found a partner that is so honest, open to communication and true to our beliefs. We both had
very similar upbringings, have the same views on religion and ways of raising a family. We
easily make each other smile and laugh on a regular basis. We make each other strive to be
the best versions of ourselves. We both never want to go to bed or wake up next to anyone
but each other. I can go on and on. Most importantly, we are happier when together and want
to go through life together. Time is precious, we are lucky to have found that person that
makes you feel like you have more of a purpose in life.

Advice for new couples?
Be honest for each other and yourselves. Follow your heart. Timing is everything, enjoy
every moment. When you argue, stay open and listen to your partner. It’s not always wrong
vs. right.

Here’s some of the vendors that made Tracey and Andrew’s wedding so special:

Penny Fiorello

Well Spun Videography
Ken & Eva’s Flower Cottage 631-231-1166
Francesco’s Bakery 516-931-6821
Cafe Wha?
East Wind Spa 631-846-2339
Kleinfelds/ Mark Zunino 646-633-4300
Weddington Way



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