October 30, 2017

Erin + Sean | Wedding- East Wind

It’s hard to believe that Erin and Sean new each other for 12 years because they still look at each other like they have butterflies every time their eyes meet.

Erin and Sean had an early morning wedding with a jam packed day including a beautiful Sword Ceremony leaving the church, a bagpiper followed by an all out rocking party on a Saturday afternoon at East Wind. Let’s not forget Erin smashing cake in Sean’s face and Sean’s garter dance! (insert sexy emoji)

All in all a great day with amazing people!

Congrats Erin and Sean!


In Sean”s words:

How did you meet?

Over the course of my last deployment, I spent most of my days thinking about Erin and our relationship. The long pitch of the days and nights at sea left lots of room for self-reflection. How, I thought, did we first meet? When was the moment that I knew that I was in love with her? Where were we heading? I had just recently asked her father for his blessing to allow Erin to move across the country to live with me in California, there were lots of things to consider.

Erin and I met while we were kids, still in high school. I was attending a Chemistry review session at Mattituck. I found myself on a short break lounging around in the hallway with my friends when I looked up and saw her. I was floored. Erin was gorgeous, I had to introduce myself. We began to hang out more regularly, and Erin and I were on again-off again for the next few years as life began to happen to us both.

We went away to college, her to SUNY New Paltz and I to the University of Pittsburgh. I was just trying to scrape by in order to earn a commission into the United States Marine Corps; Erin studied Organizational Communications. Throughout our tumultuous college careers, Erin and I stayed in constant communication. I looked forward to each winter or spring break and the coveted Long Island Summer, in order to be close to her again. We spent most of our time together while we were home, never crossing the line into a relationship as we were too caught up in our separate lives at the time.

Fast forward to the end of college, and the beginning of our careers. Erin began to work at Charter Brokerage while I attended The Basic School in Quantico Virginia. On a weekend Liberty, I took a trip to Manhattan to meet up with my friends from high school, and I asked Erin to come meet me. What followed was the culmination of ten years of friendship, the natural evolution in our relationship from friends into two people that were in love.

Every day, before I go to sleep, I thank God above that I was so awful at Chemistry, leading me to that hallway in Mattituck High school; to my future wife.

What was your first date like?
We had dinner at Legends Restaurant. The place was empty, making for an intimate evening.

How did you get engaged?

I picked a ring with the help of her sister, made a name tag for our puppy that said “Erin Brush will you marry me?” Her sister took surprise photos.

What makes your love unique?
Erin and I have almost opposite personalities. Instead of being a point of contention, this dynamic allows us to work in concert with each other, often anticipating the others needs and desires. Erin is my partner in crime, my teamate and biggest supporter through all lifes challenges.

Advice for new couples?
Never go to bed angry – leave work at work and just enjoy each others company.

Here’s some of the vendors that made Erin and Sean’s wedding so special:

East Wind Coordinator Michelle Testa

Florist- With all my Heart

DJ/Band – Scratch Music/DJTrife

Make up Artist- Dina Rizzo

Wedding Dress Designer – Azazie

View full size photos here:


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