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meet Sandi


It's all about The Real! 
The Real love, Real fun, Real laughter, 
and the really awesome moments of your 
wedding day.

Let me capture those moments so you can relive them every day.
Just you, me and my camera :)

Believer in True Love
Hopeless Romantic
Sun Flare Seeker
Golden Hour Worshiper
Eternally Optimistic
Die hard Emoji User
Crazy Dog Lover

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Fun Facts

When Victor and I got married we were so disappointed in our wedding photos. We realized that after months of planning and endless budget constraints the only thing left would be our photographs. 

Our photos were well composed and correctly exposed yet they said nothing about who we were as a couple. They didn’t reflect how crazy in love we were or the awesome time we had at our wedding. There wasn't one photo of us gazing in each others eyes during our first dance as husband and wife. Just one photo of us looking at the photographer (aka Sandi's Pet Peeve).

I decided I would take it as my personal mission to create a style of wedding photography that would tell the story of every couple and how wonderful, fun and exciting your wedding day is.

I knew I was on to something ground breaking, so I took my skills as a photographer and graphic artist along with my passion for capturing the "real" moments and created a unique niche for myself and my couples. 

I keep to a strict rule of a limited number of weddings each year so I can guarantee my couples will have the best possible experience and my undivided attention through their entire process.

After 30 years together, Victor and I still enjoy date nights, love a good country concert and are known for our superb tailgating skills. You might see him carrying my rose gold camera bag on some of my shoots, he can't help himself, he likes to be around me 😁

We have two rambunctious boxers, Buster and Bailey that can be seen on my social media pages causing constant trouble and random shenanigans. #busterandbailey  

We have two children too. Peyton and Jackson but they are so over me and my camera. I’d try to sneak up and catch them being in their natural environment. Missing teeth and mismatched clothes were always my favorite.

I'm obsessed with natural light.You might see me wandering around to see what the light does when it hits at a certain angle. Yup, I'm that crazy.

 I'm a Paleo enthusiast, except for wine, cheese and Starbucks :)

If you know anything about me it's that I'm obsessed with dogs, like crazy dog lady obsessed, and my favorite shoots are when people include their dogs like they are family too :) My fur babies are Buster and Bailey (#BusterandBailey) yes, they have their own Instagram and you can find me regularly posting their boxer shenanigans on Facebook on a daily basis. People often tell me that just seeing their posts brings a smile to their day. I truly believe in the power of pets to completely change attitudes, heal sickness and give life new meaning (like cleaning up shredded beds, punctured soup cans and bags of rice) :/

I want to encourage people to include their pets in their family, engagement and wedding photos by donating a percentage of our earnings to North Shore Animal League. 

Share this message to encourage Pets are Family Too Photoshoots.

The SRP Experience

Crazy Dog Lover 

Fun Facts About Sandi

Each wedding is different and the investment you will make has many variables.
Let’s get to know one another so I can hear your wedding day vision and accurately customize a collection that suits your needs.

Each year we commit to a limited number of weddings to ensure that our couples are getting the absolute best possible attention they deserve.

From our first meeting to the final wedding album delivery, I will personally walk you through every step necessary to carry out your vision and deliver memories 
that will last a lifetime.

-Sandi :)


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